DAY 02 - 2nd FEBRUARY 2024

Special Address by Shri Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

3rd Global Electrification Mobility Summit (GEMS)

Conference on Circular Economy & Sustainability

Bharat EV Charging & Battery Swapping Leadership Summit

Navigating the ER&D Frontier for Software-Defined Vehicles

India's EV Odyssey: Becoming a Global Manufacturing Powerhouse

India's ER&D role in Autonomous Tech and Advanced Powertrains

Navigating Investments and Exports in Global Markets for Indian companies – Opportunities, Challenges and Way forward​

Global Mobility Hubs: Leveraging R&D and Innovation in States

Flix Bus India Fire side chat with Global CEO

Enabling Smart Mobility AI Aplications in Transportation

What Next in the Connected Vehicle Megatrend

CEO Conclave Theme: "Future Mobility – Shaping India’s Transition Towards Green Growth"

Indian Aftermarket at an Inflection Point