Visit the vehicle exhibits at the event that will feature cutting-edge technologies, electric vehicles, drones, advancements in autonomous driving, sustainable transportation solutions, and interactive displays highlighting the future of mobility. The space would be a great place to interact with industry professionals, enthusiasts, and curious minds eager to explore the next wave of transportation innovations.

Focussed pavilion on EVs and others associated eco-system such as innovative charging technologies.


Explore the heart of automotive innovation at the Components Pavilion, where modern technology and industry leaders converge. Immerse yourself in a showcase of essential components and solutions driving the future of mobility.


The battery technologies mobility pavilion will be a dedicated area focussed on showcasing the latest advancements in battery technology for electric vehicles and sustainable transportation.

& Circular Economy

The Decarbonisation and Circular Economy pavilion will be a dedicated space highlighting diverse energy sources like Hydrogen, Gaseous Fuels, Flex Fuel, etc. beyond traditional fossil fuels for powering transportation. In addition, overall recycling ecosystem of vehicles would also be showcased.


Experience sustainable mobility at its best in our Environment-friendly Tyres Pavilion. See cutting-edge tech and eco-friendly solutions driving towards a greener future.

Start-up Zone

Visit the Startup Pavilion that will be a dynamic space where emerging companies will showcase ground-breaking ideas and technologies related to transportation, urban mobility, smart infrastructure, and sustainable solutions.


Discover innovative products in the Automotive Accessories Pavilion. Elevate your driving experience with tech gadgets and stylish enhancements.

New Mobility

Explore the future of transportation at our New Mobility Systems Pavilion. Explore innovative technologies and sustainable solutions that redefine the way we move, shaping the next era of mobility experiences.


Steel stands as a critical raw material in the automotive sector, playing a pivotal role in vehicle manufacturing. Explore the Steel Pavilion to stay abreast of the newest advancements in automotive steel and technologies, showcasing the latest offerings from key industry players in India. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge innovations that drive the future of automotive engineering.

Software on

Visit the Nasscom Auto Techade pavillion to discover how technology is reshaping the automotive sector. Witness innovative demos across every facet of the value chain and how global and Indian companies are powering automotive tech from India.